3D Build Surface 200mm x 200mm (7.88’’ x 7.88’’) Upgraded 3D Printer Build Plate Sheet Heat Bed Platform Sticker with Laminated Transfer Adhesive, 10mm Grid, Black (5 Packs)


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Size:5 Packs

Some customers reflected that the Previous 3d printer build mat adhere too well to remove from the heated bed, so we upgraded our Overture Build Platform surface to this Easy-to-Remove version. This 3d printer build surface 200 x 200 features easy installation, excellent adhesion to the plate, and good performance in helping create strong adhesion for the first layer.  







1.      Just Tear off the laminated transfer tape on the back and stick it on heat bed.

2.      We suggest clamping the build surface to the print bed with binder clips(recommend 4 clips) after long term use in case of possible warping




Heat the bed to 50~60 Celcius, then use a putty knife or print removal tool gently work blade along edges, then you can easy to remove it. Finally washed with hot soapy water, or wipe with acetone after the bed cools back down. . Please be careful not to scald your hands.



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3D build surface x 5 packs