3D Pen Mat Multi Purpose Silicon 3D Design Mat for 3D Printing Pen with Drawing Templates and Stencils


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3Dmate BASE is a multi-purpose transparent 3D silicone mat. A creation tool for building and creating designs using a 3D pen. Suitable and fun for all levels - from beginner to expert, kids and adults. Heat resistant up to 260° C (500° F) - Works with most 3D pens and filament. The tool contains multi-shaped geometric figures allowing the user to create more accurate and complex 3D creations. A 3D Pen alone requires the skill and stability of the human hand - the 3Dmate BASE stencil mat makes the process more workable. Using a 3D pen, simply draw basic lines and shapes inside the mat grooves and let your creativity and imagination flow. With the 3Dmate BASE the sky’s the limit - product prototypes, landmark structures, rockets, vehicles, doll houses etc. The grooves keep the hot filament in place and prevent warping. Cooled pieces pop out freely and remain solid allowing them to connect well. The “Fuse and Join” area is slightly larger for easy connecting and joining, especially in corners. Ideal for expanding on STEM skills. Enhances fine motor skills. Teaches pattern recognition and improves spatial awareness. Encourages creativity and logical thinking with endless possibilities.