3D Printing Build Surface, 3D Printer Heat Bed Platform Sticker Sheet, 12"x12", Square (Pack of 4) - More 3D Print Platform of 8"x8" / 235mm x 235mm / 16x16" for Choosing!


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Color:12" x 12", PACK of 4

DOBSTFY Brand 3D Printer platform can be suitable for temperature from 80 to 100 Celcius. Build sheet adheres to a print bed to help the filament stick during printing, it is easy to take off the models. Compatible with most Cartesian style 3D printers and most of surface. The build surface size is 12" x 12", you can cut it to any size you want.

[HOW TO REMOVE THE BUILD SURFACE FROM HEAT PLATE]: Heat the bed to 50~60 Celcius, then use a putty knife or print removal tool gently work blade along edges, then you can easy to remove it. Finally wipe with acetone or alcohol after the bed/glass cools back down. Please be careful not to scald your hands.

Package includes:

4PCS * 3D Printing Build Surface Sheets