Starter Kit for Arduino Projects Including Breadboard Holder, LCD 1602, Servo, Sensors and Detailed Tutorials MA05


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Color:Basic starter kit

Miuzei Basic Starter Kit for learning Arduino, we provide every detailed lessons for helping beginners to do the projects, we have tested all lessons before sold the products, we will be appreciated if there any arduino lovers give any suggestions or have a communication with us. Every component is strictly tested before delivery, feel free to buy it!

Package Inclued:
1x R3 Board
1x USB Cable
1x accrylic holder
1x 830 tie-points Breadboard
1x LCD1602 Module (with Pin header)
1x 4-digit 7-segment Display
1x 7-Segment Display
1x Servo Motor(SG90)
1x ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver Board
1x Stepper Motor
1x Power Supply Module
1x 9V Battery Holder
1x Ultrasonic distance sensor
1x Water Lever Sensor
1x Joystick Module
1x IR Receiver Module
1x IR Remote Control
1x DHT - 11( Temperature and Humidity sensor)
1x Thermistor
1x Active Buzzer
1x Passive Buzzer
2x Diode Rectifier(1N4007)
2x 2N2222 Transistors
2x Potentiometer (10K)
2x Photoresistor
1x IC 74HC595
10X 10 pcs Resistor( 1M, 10R, 100R, 220R, 330R, 100K, 1K, 2K, 5.1K,10K, )
5x LEDs (White, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red,RGB)
1x 20 Pin Male to Female Jumper Wires
1x 65 pcs Jumper Wire
1x Tilt Switch
5x Buttons (Small)
1x CD Tutorial ( If have any problem with CD, please contact us to get the tutorial from Amazon mail)